Hej Féj, yes you, you who are sitting in a café and thinking how my first three days went.

How can I give an answer to myself how it went? First of all to see how I arrived here with my train, I cannot say it went horrible, but I didn’t feel that sleepy and my mind in feelings of having. That this train will bring me to a place I love, and the feeling to live there for two years. Or that is the planning now! Yes for now I am not really thinking, ow wow I will be here for two years, maybe a little bit later wen the feelings in me are more relaxed, than just have an excitement in me, a different excitement than what I had in the train. I couldn’t sleep end was waiting to get into my room, so after forgetting a promise to read the letters in the train, and unpacking a little hart present, I finally did it when I had the rest. And that rest is still not here, but the rest of having a sleep after I arrived I my room at eight a clock in the morning. After talking about the ways of living here with the owner and getting my keys of the room I will be living in. The time after all these official things I did fall in sleep on the bed, I felt so tiered that I needed some rest, but the rest didn’t came in so all the time went by slow and after feeling hungry I went out to see some food what I bought in the street in front of my home. A walk in the rain did bring me to the shop and after thirty minutes I was back home again. After a sandwich I did fall asleep again. But before I visited my bed I did managed to clean up my suitcase an backpack and saw the letter end the present, so I did open them both and the things that I read felt so good in strength of me, how powerful some text can be, I loved both of them and looking back to all these things people gave to me. I cannot mention it how lovely this power is what I get from all these words you all written for me. So I did fall asleep quite good, and after seven in the evening I did wake up and felt more awake but I still had a feeling of extortion in my body. But in a feeling to start de day… um evening I started to search the internet to buy something I can use in the kitchen, I needed to store my food on a better way than just stand open in the closet. So I saw something on ebay (also a marketplace in Germany were u can find secondhand stuff) after finding something I contacted her and about the clock of nine I visited here and bought it, after that I did felt more awake. So yes going outside, take a walk or U-Bahn and feel how my body came alive, that did give me the power to say I need to do something more, so maybe I can do it to go out. And in that feeling, in my thought I had before (before I travelled to here) it did came out (:

Yes I did go out, I did go out to a club I loved and a club I will be visiting more often in the future. So at eleven o clock, I got to get the U-Bahn to Heinrich-Heine-Strasse and after a long, very long time, standing in row for the KitKat club I finally did get in. And pff it was so a different night for me, and actually, a really lovely night to, but different in a way how I was here. After all I did enjoyed it a lot and after nine o clock in the morning I walked out of the club, together with S (S I know from other nights and talks together with C) and with M (M I met in the Club and he did give me a feeling of having more (: So we walked with the three of us to the U-Bahn and we did take the same train to the home, it came bye S did lived a few stations after the station of M so after a long travel,  M and me did managed it to fall in bed together, so my first night here in berlin with my own room here, came by that I didn’t even get to my own bed and I didn’t need to have a bit of rest. No I did had a F***ing nice morning and my body loved it so much that on the date of 02-02-2020 my first morning in Berlin couldn’t be better to start living here. So how tired am I? or is it the feelings that makes me tiered to sleep, I think there is a lot of going on, so how do I manage all of this?

After the clock of three in de day, I did take back my train back to my home, after all this I did eat something and went to bed. Is this a good way of starting or do I need to try to get a better sleep pattern of day and night. So to get that, I managed to fall asleep on one o clock and stand op at ten, I did sleep like a rock this night so my first real day starting on a Monday felt good (:

And now it is that Monday and looking back on what I wrote, it did can come over messy with a party feeling of unhealthy. So I started toady with some hot oatmeal with nuts and seeds on it, and forgot the blueberries… just now I think about it. I did some research of my planning and started with a hot shower, and looking to the place I am living in, the place is nice but I need a more feminine touch to it (: so I am looking around to find something that is not too expensive, luckily with some search on ebay I will manage it. After all that I did starting to walk around, and in the way of starting it M my niece called, I started to answer her call and in the way of walking outside (it was raining again, so my feeling was complete (I love rain, and talking with my niece)) so in the way of talking and walking I started to just walk the road in front of my home, and came bye a lot of nice places, and after talking  I came bye the place Bonanza. A coffee branding place were someone else talked about it, and it already was in my head to try out. I never expected it that is was so close to my home. In this way it came bye were I am living, I live in Kreuzberg and it is one of the places people talk about it, that this is a place were you can do a lot. After my cappuccino there, my talk with my niece was still going on, Yes we love to talk. After walking out of Bonanza towards Kotbusser-Tor I did came by a Bio-Market, I did visited this Bio-Marked before so I walked in the get something. Inside the call with my nice ended, after talking two ours to each other. After a little walk further on the road I ended up here, a café in the corner of Oranienstrasse 18/19 and here I am sitting to write all this. It is now a eight  o clock in the evening and I am feeling good, maybe I need to drink some more water for my feelings in my head. So after the call of B I am ending this peace of text to, feelings in me are telling me a great story in what to come. In the feeling of telling you all of this I am looking forward to my next days, nothing planned but a lot in my had to find out. So maybe in the next days I will look for a dance school and I think I need to do some swimming, I think (: or maybe it will be totally different, who tells it.