The time my mom said that “when I eat all the side crusts off my bread, (because they were hard) then when I eat them, I can flute with my mouth” This idea and all the other lies I had over me when I was young made me belief, I cannot trust my surroundings, so I need to discover for myself how to survive by trying and doing it myself. I need to survive for myself, and I need to be serious (no jokes and no playing anymore).

I still belief in the good what people think they want to say. But somehow, it took me years to realise that our whole world is built on lies and marketing, the way we started our industrial revolution around 1600. All this is built on lies off trusting others and we are finally ending this time off trust in each other, because we are not believing each other to be here on our planet.

So welcome child here on a planet that is built on an unbelief of our own belief we have in ourselves when we are born, the trust in ourselves to create who we are. I call it a life creation because off nature is making a sex driven machine out off us, so where can we find that machine called human come apart that we finally understand where creation is coming from.

Creation is coming off the part that if we don’t do it, we will die, it is how cells are alive to make more because off that beginning to survive. To survive we need to create and so we create and is our nature build on it. And now we have all the technology to communicate with the whole world. So, let’s use it in a truth full way and not a destructive way.

But on this moment, we are getting too crazy in showing our FAKE life (or unconscious thing we think is creation but has a bigger impact on our kids and people who are surviving in life everywhere (kids and others having stress and cannot know how and why we should live because off trauma) (First consciousness, then creation. The impact on our money system and the companies we started +- 400 years ago did a great job, and now we need to start creating the truth about us and how to sustain this in each other)

Look at our internet use and what we do we think is creation, but it is more putting copies online about ourselves, not living our life creation in a not sustainable world.

So, if you want to be real come to your creation you are living and let all the companies for who you are working today behind, the companies who are not letting your own creation off understanding in each other and are not sustainable for you working there and the people who are using it. I will always say, if it is free for you, then u the living person is the product.  

Let’s start a revolution about the creation we are born with, with trusting our surroundings to build our life creation. And for this we need our own sustainability, we must show others how sustainable we can be together.

As we said to be conscious about us, and the people we live with on this planet. Let’s make our own life sustainable and so we can communicate with truth to each other how we are sustainable for each other.