Its like a long time ago I did have just a day off in the week, sitting somewhere enjoying freedom of no stress in doing or needed to do. Just like you have the world for yourself in lazy down with time you have to spend. I think it’s me doing way to crazy in stuff of partying and making friends to enjoy life I have the energy that keeps continuing in my body and feeling time passing by with allot of joy.

This time and life I started here in Berlin is still in a wonderland, even if my phone got stolen last Sunday, my feeling of living and doing stuff surrounded with people in a big city is giving me energy. It is a crazy feeling how I got to myself in that step one and a half year ago to start living here. It’s the way I feel connected with myself in being part of friendships I never ever had before in sharing time and joy with others. Driving outside Berlin to have parties because of the lockdown and staying away from home every weekend to come to crazy solutions that on this day I only slept 13 days (in 2021) at my place in the weekend, counting three nights from Friday night till Sunday night to come home on Monday morning. So yea my 2021 is starting of crazy to just pack my backpack for the weekend and arrive on Monday morning home to start working, it’s like every weekend a festival feeling of Drugs, Sex and Techno here for me. Creating trips on LSD with others together in a train to Erkner for a rave and while we were already getting high the train stopped in the middle of the forest and we needed to be rescued bye the police and fireman after being in the train for more than 2 hours. Watching HGichT as a relief to being stuck in it as a trip for GOA GOA MPU…. It’s a story I like to tell to the one who will visit me.

From Trips on trains to all the things I do with Shibari and the way I got connected with people who are sharing the same passion. That time I start spending in the second lockdown here in November. It started off with a small group doing rope twice a week to sometimes four or five times. Spending evenings together and play with rope in BDSM flavour. Becoming friends to see each other every week now and I am finding place in communities that are so changing in what I love doing and what I never ever fought was reachable for me three years ago. But here I am in a work that is so busy that I plan things full in doing and while lockdown is almost open again on doing things that my life is getting overloaded full. So full already that I need to choose about the things I like and with who I send my time with, while I am thinking how good this lockdown was for me. I was doing such a full thing with joy together with people who give me energy and I can be Shure to all of you, I am going to miss my time in this lockdown. Still watching forward to the year, we can finally live life without lockdown and be open to visit and travel the world again.

How can I explain more in how my winter was here in Berlin, it was for me between my last piece writhing I did in the and of October with people I see often and how love I had found in people to share moments with? That is exactly how my winter time continued in life of me and I met such a nice crazy people to do sex in the lake on a Sunday after a bdsm sex evening with rope and started off in a swinger’s club hidden in Berlin with people who were not scared about corona. It is a world I think allot of people will not always allow or are jealous not to had this this winter. And yes, I feel how many people are jealous on the things I am doing because they were forbidden. Or how are you in this world stuck in a book that says how you need to behave, it’s a book I am already closed to another one in the library in the world. So, its how people got stuck in a chapter and never start living their life. So that book I was truck in to years ago did open after die dead off my mother and it is giving me the freedom to see more than only that book, we never started to read in of life but where we are pushed in by the older people who never fought their fair of living in their lives. Its a feeling you cannot teach, it is something oy need to reach for yourself. I think I am in a life that is hard to explain how joyful I am with myself that things that happen around me are only bringing me I n situations I can enjoy more because of the sings that are happening, its an creating in how you stand in the world with love and GOD, and this GOD is more in how Mykonos is telling about his life in a book called WILD NIGHTS by David Deida, its about my life I am in living and its beautiful. Its about me how I am and not where I am, maybe Berlin is helping a bit, but it is me who is creating myself in open love with myself and standing open to enjoy myself and that’s what people love and love about the connection we can have in this world. Its me that is standing open for myself and start living without fair of the things around us and yourself.

I am here living a live for myself that’s so beautiful that you can only discover it for yourself.

PS: i hope i fine more time to write more about myself 🙂