Introductions are beginnings, beginnings that we think needs an explanation. Or is it not the fear of misunderstanding the whole. The relation we have with the universe the connection to it all.

Welcome to myself, and the joy I have of missing out. So maybe u will notice a change, a change that’s only there for me, and I think that doesn’t need to be explained. Maybe does the same, maybe sustainability not. Nothing to explain, only to sustain, that’s how I explored my last 6 years in a rapid world of exploring my imaginary possibility of energy that brought me by myself. 

When does life form, take shape, exists on its own.

When does mankind realise, the connections, of its design.

When do I, Realise the possibility, to explore sustainability.

How and where is the time you spend on your own, for yourself. Not in an imaginary scale but in life, in the moments I realise I am here realising the existence of being alive.

My whole body is correlating with my soul and mind that is alive as one, even if I use coffee or impact rich substance to boost my whole. Can I reflect sobor on nothing but myself with time, so small as atoms that are not confronted with food or water for twenty-four hours. A moment of nothing without worry, without fear of dying. 

And to realise that dying has its meaning of failing or vanishing, never realising the failing in dying. The correlation of the word makes a different understanding of life. And in here words are shaping the world only for one part, music, movement, taste and sense, logic, and all our forms of intelligence that are shaping our reality to communicate. To communicate to yourself, to your consciousness, and is that consciousness created to survive or live. Is our consciousness higher to just survive the moment, or the sustainability of knowledge, of magic to exist. To create science to mature, to explore the building stones of life. 

The connection that holds, sometimes tighter to become a fossil. And in where chaos brings new logic to exist, to explore the consciousness to live in the future. To live instead of surviving, a part that is in transition of our biology. Not to explain but to explore, to know and listened of the things out of biology. Am I thinking out of biology to exist or to survive the moment, making the transition to excel in life. Here in the future of knowledge to be free in ourselves live with each other and excel in being alive. 

Life is the knowledge to shape it, to sustain it, to explore it. It or its, we and I. Are we bringing a fifth to trust our ego, to build our eco. To explore life as it is, to our children that are 65 years old. Children that are put in boxes to hold, to die to the survey for the rich. To keep their power alive in life that’s for us all, to share, to exist, to explore. Are we holding each other to be alive or is it our ego that keeps us small in who they are. 

A name into the future, Féjtility.