A day alone in a castle, just outside Vienna, Austria. Burns like Burning man are sometimes popping up as small parties around the world, and last weekend we had one here. It was one of my favorite burns because off the small amount of people (80) and the chance to play as a DJ Back-to-Back.

Ahh and now I am sitting with a warm cup of water (the coffee and tea is gone) near the window off the big kitchen, the view is cozy and reaches over the tree line to see the other mountains. The realisation of sitting so high above the ground in a building that was build ages ago. And with the offer to sleep here one night longer was a fast made decision, feeling way too tired to travel. Without any plan, I had the freedom to decide right in the moment without consequences to stay longer, or sadness that I already had paid for transport back to Berlin. That I could stay easy a night longer and so here I am writhing and thinking back on my last week. Enjoying myself allot in how life is in front of me.

Still, it sounds always easy to imagine how nice way of thinking and doing this is, but it is not that it is easy. With the struggles I have with my work, or the way we survive a capitalistic world without giving in on your freedom to be in a society that is built on hard work. Hard work I think I do too, but the change in viewpoint is changing in me, not against it but realising the impact of our system and company’s that are pushing us to the wrong idea of living. And I am looking also to the protesters against nuclear power and not realising that this castle can only be warm because of the energy we have, and without this clean energy we can realise the lifetime off our body that can become so old as an average off 70, we never lived so long as we do now. It is one off the most and biggest improvement we had in the last 100 year, the energy to keep us warm is our biggest gift that we realised and what we need to keep. Yes in a cleaner way as possible can, but without this energy, the whole civilisation in the western world is on a collapse, a collapse of dyeing. And we the voters who only think that we can survive without this energy, an energy we need to rely on, that energy is such a pressure (especially in winter) that we need to have it, and nuclear energy is cleaner and safer as windmills and solar collectors in the long turn and how was it possible that green activist still protesting in our world against nuclear power?

Be conscious about what u protest for, if you cannot realise the bigger picture where we are coming from and where we go to by our creations.

There are also points where I feel that we with our food industries are not aware what there is happening in The Netherlands against the farmers. The way they are getting punished by the politic system with the CO2 pollutions. We should listen to the people who have the knowledge in this world and not the people who are screaming the loudest in our politic system.

This and all the awareness we have in the world, and how we change our world into an addictive purpose of money. And we are not using the sustainable knowledge of our nature, and mankind with nature is losing grip on this planet.

The way we are using words so manipulative is becoming a danger in how we understand the real purpose of the products we buy. Just a hint, is plant based food a vegetable ? or is it based on vegetables and we made proses that we call plant based to sell our vegan food products? find it out yourself, please be aware that everything has a purpose in life, you only need to find out what is it, or you create one, like all the bigger company’s are doing just to create more money. I think they were only conscious about making money and not the impact on the people who are using it, becoming sick, getting cancer, are having burn outs, just because the creation was lead over money and not because it is good for us.

Everything has a purpose for your brain,

if you think that’s not true.

Then think about influence!

Or u will find it later in life.