In the last three years, I did consume drugs for the first time in my life. A new way of looking at the world. A beautiful world were we all live in, and sometimes it makes the contrast of our reality absorb our mind. A mind that can only handle our own imagination and pain we put on ourselves by the ego that will push the belief of needs higher and higher. Not in the amount that u cannot function yourself, but the loss of reality in where we live all together.  

The creation of your own belief of need to succeed, for your ego in your mind. That says it is good to create your own belief in what is real. Yes, your world is real, and the imagination that the world of others is becoming an unreality in how everyone lives. And here it becomes that our ego is often stronger to belief in yourself, and that the environment is not taking care of you. Often because of the wrong emotions that u created for yourself and not with others together, it feels you are stuck in your world what was oh so beautiful. And here the ego comes in part to let go, something that is harder for the people who don’t have the right needs. The right needs to feel their emotions, to be part of this world. The ego that keeps dreaming of the past and that beautiful world you Imaginate on the drugs u took. Here is your world for yourself in your own mind an awareness of yourself that u think there is more. Often more in the healing path u think u need to take, because off all the pain u think is done to you. Here the beauty and pain arise in were you need to become stronger than your ego.

It is your own mind your own belief that u created, and were you get stuck if you cannot come back to reality. A reality that is not easy in the way we built it for everyone. You feel lost when you come back from the beautiful world u imaged yourself u are in, but u need to see. Open your eyes for what is there, open and see that we are not living in a box of our own mind, but a box that is created by the elusion we all live in. Everyone is delusional of their own beauty and problems they create for themselves and what we put on others in this real world. Where do we find the real needs to support yourself to give the emotional example of reality that is not a paradox of each other.

The question is why do we all live in the world we live in now, and why? Can we not create a better world for everyone? maybe because of the ego mind that needs to grow to a conscious one, and for that we need to imagine our emotions together of the basic needs, basic needs we can share with others. One of them is love, but only love will not help you to feel together, we have more needs that are more important for love to exist. And here the most people who are addictive cannot come back from, because they lack the needs of our stable society what we created, they fall of the line on where you balance your life. A line I talked about two years ago on my blog. It is the line in where you realize that the world you lived in without the drugs was already a delusional one. And because of the drugs you created your own delusional reality in were you trick your brain to feel emotions, and when you are doing it too long and to extreme you are becoming the reality yourself, in what you created as beautiful. You often cannot realize the sonder of others. Here you are thinking I am not addicted and can come back because you still live in the needs you think you have. Until that moment that u fall of the line or grid of the most essential need we build together.

A psychologically safe space to talk about our emotions, often the situation we created in the parts of the world to perceiving the world together. I am talking about a pyramid of Maslow’s needs. But we have another one where we came from before we could start living together, to create the Maslow’s needs. It is the way we came together to live together in a city or town. To say it easy, we could not live in the woods because of danger, that created fear and knowledge. When we started to live more together because that was safer, we could not travel that easy anymore. So, we settled and created towns and understanding to live together, and here we became more frustrated on each other to live. We forgot where we came from and created more psychologically needs of sonder. The understanding of a reality that is different from you than for others. Even to know that we live in the same world and place, but the history of yourself will create an emotion with our senses. And here we built our inner child what will create another perceiving of your reality. And in here we need our brain to survive other realities with each other.

And now our ego that always made us survive the nature, becomes out that it is also the obstacle in living together. And here the belief of consciousness becomes aware that it is a power we called magic, like the witches in the old time. Often woman who create this faster because of the possibility to carry a baby and were this realization is being made between the mother and the child. And here the creation of man becomes part of the world where religion is a protection of the balance between man and woman, the realization of making a language where gender is built in, and religion is made to control and create a world that becomes aware in the time we live now. Everything is related in how we created our world together and where we create a delusional world with the people who just do their thing, in their behavior of their ego mind. And the awareness of our ego, that often conflicts with the people who cannot understand the path of themselves in the world. Often because of not being educated, in how we created value over themselves and others in what we are. This value can be destroyed by war or big traumas.

And here we are today, a world that becomes aware of the situation in what we live. Were we feel our needs that we create for each other. Some are conscious some are living in their ego, a path that often people who use drugs realize. But also what is holding people down in their ego. And here our own knowledge of reading and socializing is the key to do that realization. A Realization of being together with our emotions in a system that is slowly changing in how it functions. It will take allot of years, but we are going fast, maybe too fast. Because of our addiction we don’t see, the addiction we put on each other. Because everything is a drug that will influence our brain. It can be everything we use daily that keeps us in our delusion world with each other. And when are we becoming free? Free of this elusion we create for each other. And when do we become free of the beliefs that we think we need. And wen is religion not a balance of each other because we don’t belief in it, and we lose our own balance in this world were we created this reality on. A reality that becomes more automated, digital and less emotional.

Our era is dominated by communication and emotions. Machines have already replaced our muscles, and computers have replaced our brains. The only thing that is exclusive to human beings and makes us unique are our emotions.”

And here I feel we are addicted to social media that is causing a problem for our world in how we live. Are we living online with a face of creation that feels like a copy of others, that is pushing us to go faster and faster. So fast that our ego gets lost in the performance we put on each other to be? Be in who we are?

And here I feel myself lost, between the addiction I had for social media and the real world we live in. It feels that my ego got so addicted to this social media world that I created a fear for the real world. And now, I feel I am lost in the real world to because of people I thought were friends, that were only online and not in the real world anymore. So how can I find a way to come back from my online addiction to the real world? It feels I am lost in a reality, because of this social media concept in where I am the product by looking at ads and AI algorithm. And I buy the things the marketing environment things I need. A marketing environment build on an Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, that pushes me products and decisions I need to make.  And here my brain gets tricked in the needs my ego wants because this is how our brain works. It is the struggle of our ego that creates the addiction of making decision after decision in what an AI, things I need. End here I am being tricked in my dopamine, and this dopamine is creating an anxiety in me, in my brain. And now my brain wants out of this, I want to come back to the real world, a world that is being consumed by addictive people watching their phones and making the real reality a delusional world in were we live.

So where can I find my creation not to be on social media, but in this reality in front of me. Where I live with my friends and where we are outside working and playing together for a better world.  

Love you all 🙂

My last year I became aware of my own addiction in Social media, here a Video of Simon Sinek explaning more. And another one I really like, how to break a bad habbit. And to feel and know depression in yourself.