Wauwie, meow, pleblepleble pleblepleble, al some kind off word I did have fun with in speaking out that I have fun. FUIN FUN FUN, wauwie, Meow. Yes, I can do normal but I don’t want to do that now…. pleblepleble pleblepleble.

I am getting in the mood of getting crazy in my days off, starting with a Festival Wilde Möhre. It is like a smaller festival like two thousand people and it is in the south of Berlin.

It is a weird feeling for me to leave Berlin, it is becoming a city for me as a safe space where I feel really home with the people I met and meet and with who I make friends with. Doing things together with so many and feel good and trusted. Its weird for me to leave the world here and step into an outside world where I don’t know how people will response to my openness and often an overwhelming feeling of joy. I feel I need to behave here outside Berlin and I thought I needed to behave in the festival too, in a matter of ease and piece with things I am normally doing. So, to keep an idea in myself I set of without tent or sleeping back and searched a place on the camping of the Wilde Möhre Festival. Not even twenty minutes in I saw a familiar Face, Hej Max you here (: with a big hug and welcoming I dropped my bag here to spend some first hours here to meet everyone and jumped into the energy life off all off the people. Making myself ready and setting off to the festival. Again, sometimes I set my view on telling things so directly and maybe I will do it for the whole festival. But for now, I will keep it as an intro in how wonderful this Festival was and how I saw myself feeling free here and the idea in what I had being outside Berlin disappeared. I felt safe here in doing everything I want and freedom in the people I meet. It is still a feeling I don’t meet often outside Berlin and with people. Bet here on this Festival I had a time were I joined the community with the joy of a kid again and played with joining a human train on search for (Kohlen) like a fun of kids could fantasise off, getting some were searching something that is not existing (or does it) make it up do it and continued with a search through a labyrinth and feel lost in and fantasize. Like being alice in wonderland seeing rabbit holes and feel so free to wander around with joy and no thought of what you are doing, just FUN FUN FUN. Is this even possible to explain, can I even explain this other way of doing things?

I will keep this for another time to explain more of this festival of trips I did here for myself and with others. It’s the way I find people doing these things that’s fun without thinking it is crazy. Surrounded with people who let you be as a kid in a grown-up world and in an SafePlace were we can be together. I never found a place to feel so in love with the environment of being here and being together. Hello dream, Hello Reality, can I choose between you whenever I want and be realistic about a world where I still sustain myself and know where I go and wen I want to choose between this.

This is a world saying how I feel while writhing this, jumping again to another part so after the Festival even not ending my piece in what I am writhing about. I think I need to sit more in explain myself how to write more clearly in what I did. And then like now I kinda do it so fast in that hour while I am waiting outside for an appointment drinking a cup of coffee and eating a croissant. Waiting for my Tattoo that will take place and were I am curious about how I can sit still for five hours. It’s something I will write more about but it is a tattoo without deep story, maybe it will come while we can talk together and see if we can meetup with thoughts about life. Because sometimes I think about tattoos to explain my world like an toxic Jungle were I know where I want to be but were other people still keep trying to demolish it without knowing how to live in this world. I am Feeling so good that I find an world in this toxic jungle were I can live with love and people who also keeps this place alive, we all are doing it together here while other people will never find this beautiful place here in this toxic jungle. Mostly because they are afraid to wander off them self. (: