This is a way I really like,

Sometimes I write things and they never come online, this is the same with this title. I did write a part of 800 words but I ended up two day later and thinking I will write it again. So here I go, sitting here in the same bar where I can drink a lot of beers from the draft. And sitting here after I danced my hangover away. And yes it is a very hard hangover this one, but I think it is all worth it. Yes I know it was worth it, with a very big horny smile I am saying it, I only need to plan it a bit differently next time.

So here I go telling what I really like, just as the title is saying there is more going on, and I really like Motion*s and o F..K I did had a hard time with dancing today. But now after I got a nice shower, and get wet again while biking back home. I am sitting here with my first drink I just ordered, I feel my hangover did lie down a little bit more. So here enjoining my weekend in telling more what I did, I did go to the Club KitKat again and ow hoy I really liked it (I say it was my best night and day I ever had before in my life) All the things that happened last year is my best time I had as a dream coming through. This day I had was the result of that dream becoming the real reality, and yes I very like this so F..K… much, I can mostly not stop. Looking how my night started, and looking at how the waiting time was all worth it. I did stand in the queue for more than three hours, and I did get picked out of it to skip the last twenty meters. And yes I know I did come early, just after eleven ours, so I know I needed to wait in line. But often its not a real problem, I often meet a lot of new people and normally I wait for two hours. And maybe for the first time I am not going to tell all in detail what happened here in KitKat. Not that I don’t want to tell it, but more that I need a change in telling it, so a hint here for the last time in my normally category. I am just saying that what I did was a big welcome and home feeling in my body, and defiantly in my soul. But I need to thank my body that this is all possible in doing, I am dreaming it before and the feeling that that dream is no longer a dream in me, it became reality.

So back to my hangover what lasted out more days than I expected, and the first I ever had. So for the people who know more, they know where I am talking about. Sitting with my beer and a cheese plate, I am glad how I find my ways of looking around here in the city Berlin. And as I did say before there was not always a really know off, why I am coming to berlin. I know one why, and why I did come. -I need to find myself- but the way what I am looking for is really new and really a way to find all the new paths that can pop-up. So for me leaving a birthplace for the first time, and coming to a bigger city that I ever lived in before. The way I am here now and the way I feel right now is so nice, I really know why I felt in love while I had my weekends here. So looking back to my first eighteen days,(I know I am just in the beginning) but knowing that, and looking to what I did here. I need to say that picking my first three months off. Are in all the freedom of time, it is giving me the possibility to enjoy and meet my inner self more than I ever did before. Coming to life with more struggles in my thoughts and seeing what can happen if I let go. And I am thinking I am letting go more in my than I thought was possible. So I really cannot wait till tomorrow and all the next days I am livi ng here. Especially looking what I am doing tomorrow, I will have my haircut. And I am going to let you all know how my first day went having my hair in this new way. And I am meaning this in a way I never ever had done with my hair, so for me it is feeling more special than ever. Even in knowing that I can do this here right now, and knowing it will be to awkward to do it back home. So looking at that freedom around me, I am just doing it. Looking to how I loved my dancing really, really hard. And seeing what all is going to happen here, especially the feelings in all that freedom around me is giving me tinkles over my body.  

Here I am in a way I can explore myself, so all the days I have time to enjoy and meet myself even more, maybe the three months off can be shorter than expected. So as I said before that I had filled out a job offer by Zalando, I did got a mail back for my first phone meetup. So I am very curios in what can happen, it will be just another experience, and I love it.

Here I am looking and seeing, just doing things an finding how terrible hangovers can be, it is just part of letting me go in a city that feels so good for me now. And even telling this here on a website called by my second name, I really need to tell it because it makes my life feel so much more pleasant in looking what I love. You all will hear so much more, even the things u maybe not want to hear.