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Féjtility is me artist name. Berlin and the people i met before brought me the power to create myself, and even if there are some bigger struggles we all had to fear I think I can be happy in where I am standing today.

Me as a DJ:

Welcome to a part of my music interest, I like to make the evening enjoyable with the music I like myself in and how we can get the dance floor moving, listen to my sets on SoundCloud or direct here on my website. We go from down tempo to an active acid house to damp us into a harder techno to end in some Psy environment.

Me as a listener:

My podcast is the idea of creation in us (ourselves), from books I read to the DJ’s I meet and listen to wen I party myself. The creator is here the dimension you want to bring from your thoughts into the dance floor. Understanding off the creator’s idea from feelings and struggles that we all go through, the fear of being there. With this podcast I like to let u listen to the side of our energy we have and what we like to bring to the public.

Me, us and the Social energy:

It is the result in our creation to the search of sustainability, how can we sustain ourselves with the souls we have. Not being eaten by the bigger corporations in life who will only bring profits for them and not sustainability for mankind to exist. Where can we find our energy together instead of struggling alone.

My Bookings:

To book me is to write me with date and idea off the performance u like that we bring to your environment. Instagram is there to follow me, but i will not follow back, u can alway text me there or write me a mail.

Collaboration: DIY or not?

If you see my idea with yours, I like to bring myself to the party or table you imagine us as a creation in the environment we live in. For collaboration with our community u can go to C-circle, here we are gathering us to create one team that can bring u everything u need for your ideas and events.

Mail to me: