Three days of party, hangover ?

So here I am again, still alive and in berlin. I had my dance lessons just jet and now I am sitting in the library, it is in the same building I was two weeks ago. And I am reading my new bought book ‘’Save the cat’’ by Blake Snyder. It’s a screenwriters book and I bought it to see how I can make a better story and logline, letting me learn the ways off doing it. So after my dance, I felt relieved again of how good it feels, and how I am getting a big smile on my face, I love to dance. And I need to say I am glad the most things of my hangover are away, I only need my tissue for my nose.

Yes last week after I dyed my hear and give it and undercut on the side and the back, I felt that with my new look of pink in my hair, I needed to go out. So I started on the Thursday and looked around for some music I like, I found a place called void, were they played psytrance and drum-and-base. It is a club with two areas so both music styles are being played, after walking in, it was quite empty. Not that I was totally surprised, Thursday in the winter in a not so busy street. But I really liked it and because I wanted to dance, I had al the space to do it. So after six o clock the lights did go on, and I felt I could go on for another three ours. But I picked my bike and begun to cycle my two miles (3,2km) back home, after I found my bed I did not fall asleep directly. But with some imagination and feelings I felt asleep while the sun was coming up.

After I woke up somewhere in the middle of the day, I felt quite ok, not the best, but I went outside to get my breakfast at Good Morning Monday just around the block of where I live. After a good egg with some salmon and fruit I did wake up a lot better. So I started to read my book, it’s the one of Simon Sinek. So my day went bye and after I walked back home again I did fall asleep when I saw my bed. I woke up at ten in the evening and my body was screaming, I want to dance (: so after looking for an outfit not really know where I want to go to… my outfit was saying KitKat. So after standing there in queue for half an hour, the guard was saying its not a fetish party, me saying comfortable yes I know but its KitKat. So after being inside I did felt the music is totally different, and the people are not used to getting here, like on a Saturday, not that I am the only one with an outfit. I think it was fifty fifty with people dressed up, or just having there jeans on. And the evening was booked as a GOA evening, not that it is my favorite but I can like it when I am in the mood. So after a dance and looking around, the night was getting on in a good feeling. Even the basement was open so a lot to explore with a lot of people around. So after a chill in the corner of the swimming pool I met some people and even after dancing with each other the night and feelings were great. After I did felt for a rest I meetup with people who were here for the first time, they came just out of the bleu to KitKat. Not to know what it really was, and even C who was totally out of his comfort zone. After I asked to him if he liked a massage I did give him a massage, he felt so much better, that the four of us danced all night long till just after seven. We crashed at the pool and were talking about the fun we had together, C did say he want to go to party more so he stayed. We walked to the exit and exchanged numbers, and we took the U-Bahn back home. After falling asleep I did felt wonderful, and I looked back in how much fun we had.

So I woke up at the same our I did yesterday and I had almost the same feeling, Going out. I walked out of the door looking around to drink a coffee, and looking around to buy something new for KitKat, I walked in a store in Wrangelkiez, the place where I live. After walking in I came in chat with L and L, both were looking for an outfit and I said I was looking for something new what I could wear in KitKat. I asked them if they know a latex store, they were saying that I can take a look at savage store in Friedrichshain. So I went there to look around, and I was happy to find a latex skater-skirt. But I found out that this was a store were they made so a nice stuff, and I was attracted to so an nice outfit, ahhh it was giving me feelings that I want more. So maybe later I will come back here, but I felt tired and went back home again, after I bought that skater-skirt. Walking back home with an feeling that I want to wear this new latex skirt for tonight. When I came back home I did eat something and I felt in sleep, I woke up after twelve in the night. Doing the same as I felt before and that is going out, first I went to see how long the queue was at KitKat, it was the first time I took the bus, and after I arrived I walked in to the spati to have a beer, I took place on the banks just outside of the store, looking to the front of the queue what was standing there, waiting to get in. The first thought was, I don’t want to stand here in line for three hours. So after my beer and some chitchat with some local Berliners I left. I was heading to Mobel-olfe at kotbusser-tor while I passed S, we did chitchat a bit talked about some friends and I was heading on. Walking towards Mobel-olfe, when I arrived it was busy inside(like always). After looking for some space, and looking around, and waiting a little bit longer. But after a while I came in chat with I nice group of man. And that all want together till we exchanged numbers and after five I left to group to go to KitKat.

Going back with even a nice feeling of the connections what I made, it is the first time I am coming to
KitKat after five. So looking to the queue what was still there, but a lot shorter, so standing there for twenty minutes I came in and was glad to enjoy the feeling again. Looking inside and walked around with the girl I met outside, I let her show KitKat because she was here for the first time. Here I met S again from the beginning of the night, saying hi and more (: . After I showed the girl I met around the club, we lost each other somewhere in the basement. After I danced further I finally did sit down somewhere around the pool. Here I met L and L again from the store this day, so here I am coming in contact with even more people. Having a chat and looking to each other, we crossed roads multiply times and things go. So after I don’t know what for an ours go bye, and meeting other people. I crossed bye M, and with M I did spend the rest of the day. We danced a lot and doing even more, even more in things of freedom so I really liked it. After a long time together we did walked out together, while the sun goes down and the lights are pupping on in the street. We both crashed down in my room, after eating a kabab and a beer we did fall in sleep, yes I really mean in sleep…

So my Monday was clear and we talked a lot to each other, and after him leaving in de evening again. (what a mess about timings and day and night feelings)  our time together went bye fast, and we talked a lot, I felt so good how we talked about everything that is so pressures for us, and feelings inside of us. So after writhing this down sitting here, I am getting tired (again in this story) my hangover was bigger than ever but it was al worth it, and I know it is not a good idea to do it this weekend again. Even that I know, I am going to a party this Saturday, I try to keep my Thursday and Friday off, maybe I want to eat some Asian food around my place. And maybe my mouth In chatting to much with other people, that I can’t handle it not to go out. But I want to give my body a little bit more rest this weekend, so maybe I need to hold on to that.

It is now eleven o’clock and I feel to tired to control what I all wrote down, so first I go to have a snack (apple) outside and taking the U-Bahn back home. To get a little bit fresh energy from the cold and wind here, and I am glad to post my weekend. A weekend were I felt very good, and were I did meet a lot of people. Looking to the first twenty six days here, I really need to say that the feeling of a party is playing here, and feelings In my body are taking over in testing out. Maybe not the healthiest thing, so my first week in march is promising to look for another goal to reach. I am really looking forward, and the feeling that I am living in Berlin is coming closer and closer. (: