Here I am sitting under a tree while thoughts give me that moment I try to reach.

Wandering around in the feeling that the sun is shining on me, I am alone with my thoughts that are telling me what I want. While the dark clouts come over and drive the sun in a corner, still visible in the view of my thoughts. I am here hanging under a tree feeling the water flow around me in the river that’s beneath me, it is starting to rain like the heaven is giving me a relief. Hanging here upside-down tighten down in hemp-rope, while I am getting wet the rope is getting tighter around my body. My soul is letting go of the time, feeling the cold clear water from heaven. Its raining harder and harder and I give my soul to the flow of the water. Rain that is falling down flowing through my body I feel relief to let me flow. I am feeling awake while I rest my peace with my heart, my heart I can give who is giving me all of this. The feeling that I can have someone around me who tight me down here, and let me be in a moment of us together with nature. Ways to let go myself with the one who is giving you more than life itself. Relief of my soul with mother earth, coming back to my spiritual self.

Will there be a moment what can give me this in reality, letting thoughts of myself come to reality. I am here to reach that and I am trying to feel this with the one who is giving me that feeling in reality.