It is the first of May here in Berlin, and that means that we have a day off (Tag der Arbeit). Maybe the weird thing of telling that the whole situation is making this day even weirder. So to keep that weirdness around I started my day with an date (:, we got in touch on an online platform called Fetlife. So my morning went on by waking up and making me ready to go, so I would be on time for my twelve o’clock appointment.

It is not the first time I have an date so early in the day, but mostly it is all in the evening. So up I go to Neukölln, it is a part of Berlin south from Kreuzberg were I live, so I did take my bike end after fifteen minutes I arrived at his place. And just like we know each other he messaged me, I am still under the shower so the door is open and take a seat somewhere. So yea nice welcome in an comfortable way I think, taking place on a chair in the kitchen and while he was in the shower I was looking around in what I saw. And to be curios in what I saw (: it was a bottle of Chartreuse, thinking hmm I like this drink but it is not common to see this in a place like Berlin. Ore better to say out of France, it is a drink I learned (drinking) when I was 17 and it is not so common under the people who are not French. So while he came out of his shower we met each other while shaking an hand, do girls do that or is that weird? After a weird look at me we took some tea and took a chair down in the kitchen. Like talking in what we like or how we feel with things we did take a long chat for the usual date things, but after four hours talking we did touched each other and ten minutes later we were lying on his bed naked. So nice in what happened but in his eyes I saw something curious happening. It was the question rising that my body is really muscled and that I have strong big hands. Yes I am saying I know, not that I am afraid to say that I train and do push-ups but his thoughts went to a different corner. The way we touched each other on the way towards the bed were we are lying now, went from standing, walking, grabbing my breasts and directly down to my vagina. So I really liked it and no problem for me, but his way of looking went mysterious to take a really good look at my vagina with the conclusion to ask me what happened down there. More in the way in how he saw my operation marks and I thought I will tell him what happened a year ago. So after that story out of the way we stopped playing to each other and after a little massage he was saying it is ok for today. So I am a little bit disappointed but my day did felt good to say I still made my day. So just after five I went home and I was glad the sun was shining and I felt ok with the situation. But still thinking about these moments I want to have less muscles and smaller hands. But it is what it is, to bad this date went so different from my date the day before.

This is sounding so weird that I had two dates in twenty four hours, but I will not lie about it. So to tell the whole other date were we also talked like two hours before, the date from Thursday was so different. More because we met with Tinder and we had some other interest what we liked, Anime Sex and feeling kinky. Yea we both liked it allot so I think we will meet a second time to do more nights like these. But like I told in other stories that now as a woman for the outside I come in situations that I know men better than ever before. Now I am getting the chance to see and feel how man can be or do wen they look at you and play with me. it is just so nice to feel how it is going and damn I am really going to like the things they have. Every time when I am feeling comfortable and horny I am going to love that dick. I will not going to tell more but dammit I love them, so knowing things I did never ever before. It is the things I hated and what real men really like, and now I am going to like it as well to do it for them. So I actually hoped it to do it today again but to bad.

And now, how can I compare these last days with a lot of fun and with my week before this one. Yea my week before was a little bit going from feelings that felt good to feeling of being miserable in what I want to do. Maybe looking to hard in what I want to find and what I try to reach. So I focused me I little bit to much on things I hated and that is the thing that is called Corona and it is here now. I cannot change it and it is the time that need to pass bye, so maybe that’s why I made a better Fetlife profile and I am going to do things I actually like in the word tempting. Even for me I need some courage to do things and being more active on Fetlife is one of them, so that’s why I had some more dates this week. And I am looking forward to practice my rope passion.

Yes it is coming and even I know I am going to love it, it is also the thing I missed. It is the way before I came here to Berlin with one suitcase, it is the problem of space in my suitcase what I didn’t had and that was to take my ow rope with me. So even I know I want to practice more with myself and others. So I bought some Hemp rope here in a shop that I can practice it and to be part of it, and like Fetlife is a platform to look around in what u like. I like that I can find events that are still going on to go to. So I will write about it a next day but I am looking forward to tomorrow when we can tie each other up and to do some practice. Maybe I will write it down tomorrow, but u will never know what time is planning with you, so ill keep it open to do other things.