It is maybe just the idea that you can write on a Saturday evening while you are in the middle of an airport runway. Sitting down here while the asphalt is feeling worm, the sun went down an out ago and it is with a nice sunset just about half past nine. I had a day with allot of sun but mostly I lied down in the shade. Mostly because I burned my skin the day before, yes stupid and I could punish myself in thinking. But I survived the day while I am doing some workouts and I just bought a set of gymnastics rings so under a three with a lower breech I practiced my old habits of my gymnastics. I am feeling free and good an I am loving the park here, or better to say the old Tempelhofer Field airport what closed about then years ago. Now it is a big square of about 4×5 kilometres so it is a really nice park to play and to do your own thing. Even bigger kites are having there fun so I am really thinking that I want to bring my Ozone Chronov2 with me the next time. so may day go to play some German game I think with a king in the middle you need to throw some wooden sticks from your opponent, are helping kids with the headstand and having a nice falafel on the corner with a pistachio ice-cream. Yea my day want good and I feel good, even now sitting here on that runway while some other people near me play music and having a dance what I am going to join after this post. So maybe I will keep on writhing or stop now, I don’t know yet.

So, my first feelings to say I have a great week and dammit I am really going to love that I have build some kind of bridge in my rope to practice my Shibari and suspension with it, and some practice with the rings I bought today. Even my account on Joyclub is getting along great and my first date with a couple was yesterday. I liked it we had some nice chat and play time of four hours but I think,,, (while I am writhing now some fireworks went off and a lot of people screaming so another part went on with more fireworks) ok back on track with my couple date and yea it felt good but not great at the first time so we did say we will meet another time. and so, my night did feel good and my whole week is going on geed even with the thought of one of the friends becoming annoying and I did say we need a big break. It just feels like lessons what I have hear and I feel good about it. Learning with some corners and playful things to meet more people, even with corona it is possible but not easy. And I am looking forward to more in the future, so to look forward I am going to start with some work. It will be on the 19th of May and I am looking forward for it but still it is not 100% Shure. But before this I am going back to Maastricht (The Netherlands) it is because I booked a train ticket to go to the wedding of my brother but Corona messed with it so my brother is having their marriage next year, but I still have that train ticket. So, I am feeling I am going to use it, and so I am going back to get some stuff in things that I miss or can use. So, I stop now because I am going to dance (: