Where can I start with the things I felt this week, and how it exploded in good feelings that just ended a couple minutes ago. Its like me feeling how things come together and how I feel in the times I fall back to easily in talking with people and spend the night. It’s mostly because I did it to often after work or even while I was working, it is a thing I like and what still will be. I enjoy it and it makes a good feeling to meet people, but the way how often I do it felt on me last Tuesday.

So, I worked and I had a great feeling to be together with Raphiolie and Mehrdadi. These are both my colleagues and we work often together in the weekend, but it was the first time for me to stand here with three people on our movie night. Its Tuesday and wen people from amnesty international or the movie-academy want to show a movie we provide them with an open-air possibility to give the people of Berlin a free shootout of the movie’s they made. It is like the joy to provide this and it’s not that Rosengarten has a profit on it. It’s a good feeling to provide this and the way to see how the responses are to do it. I like it that I work here for all these reasons. So, after my work we did some chatting and after one o’clock we left the building to go home, or the rest went home and I just felt I needed a walk around before I go. And in this moment of walking around and seeing a park with allot off people hanging around it felt like what I try to explain how I see to do it again and join some people for a chat and hang around. End in the way of being there I felt like…. What do I want and how can I find myself in ways to feel and see, were can I get the vibe to explore myself in doing something with my life? It’s not that I don’t have a good time it’s how I felt stuck the last months here in not having the opportunity to be around in the bigger city. And in the moment of biking home from Rosenthaler-platz to Schlesisches-tor my niece responded back on my message I send, and we started a call. It was just what I needed, just that talk over the knowing how end why I know in myself why I am here in Berlin and that the days like this can help you, knowing that it can be hard and just to let it be hard. Talking over where I stand and how helpful that talk was for me is an explanation of how good this talk is end that was exactly what I missed this evening. To see how I spend the night awake till the sun came up again, and how I felt better in the moment, the moment that u spend a night alone and it felt good. To look back at this and how the moment of seeing the sun come up again did not changed this week, I saw the sun come up every day till now. Maybe my last night was the feeling off one of the best, and meeting people this week went on to another level and the way I trusted that one, went even further last night and today.

So, to see how my Wednesday went and doing things with rope and suspension felt amazing to give love and trust, to see how we met that Thursday before and spending more time together is feeling good. The way of playing a trustful game of love and rope suspension is getting greater.

To see how my Thursday felt in the same way of tying someone up and having KitKat feelings in my room changed the whole sitting in feeling trust with that someone, knowing to have more people in your room who are not afraid to talk about sex or doing it felt good. So, the exploration after a rope suspension session did go on the whole night. The way of trust builds up and the way of kissing explored us to come more together in some BDSM (Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) end Sadism and Masochism (SM)). Doing things in the ways of BDSM is for me a feeling to say to each other what we like to feel, desire and build up trust near each other. It is for me a way to feel free and let us love more than just a hug. It’s a way in how I have a better understanding of who I can trust and how I can live my life in this way.

So, to continue the way of sleeping and saying goodbye and join someone else who is sleeping at your place is new and to do cuddling feelings with no problem of extra stimulations in ways we just like. Nothing there to perform and just feel to enjoy. Where can I find people around me who just want to be friends with benefits and building each other’s trust to enjoy a kind of life I didn’t find in the south of Netherlands so easy as here in Berlin. Is it only because we are living in a bigger city or is it also the way of feelings here in Berlin and the people who live here? It’s something I found last year here in Berlin and it is one of the things why I felt in love of this city, an so I dived in my Friday to help someone moving from one side of the city to the other side, me with a driver licence who can rent a car and driving around.

Driving around in Berlin and bringing back things I didn’t do here in Berlin, it’s like I miss driving in car, or I just really like driving. It can be a bike, car, motorbike, big lorry and to bring it further in sailing. I just like to move around in some kind of propulsion and especially when it is powered bye wind or muscles. But driving in a car is giving me good feelings and I like that I switch to do everything here bye bike. So, after all the moving and meeting new people I spend my time afterword’s with Alex, visiting together an art shop what just opened and had a talk about vulva’s, it’s the art that was performed in a nice context of wearables. So, to see my friendship with Alex is getting on a nice level with not only rope, and even in a way I am using my rope this week every day it’s a nice feeling what I have to be here with a friend who I met especially in the rope perspective. End I like that we see each other often for a talk or something. And to go to the end of the night I went to another park in the west of Berlin to have a park rave, together with Sofia I spend the night and morning around a bonfire made in the middle of the park. Eventually the police came to say it needs to be out, and we did, to continue it an hour later again till the sun took over the warmth of the fire and after a little sleep in the sun we left the park to get some food and a bed to sleep. So, we said goodbye to each other and I arrived somewhere in the morning at my place. The need for sleep and take the rest I needed before i join the swimming day with a mom, it is the mom where I did a rope session with on Wednesday. Together with the children I stayed the whole day in the river, while the sun was shining and I felt a nice feeling of being on vacation in a different setting. Feeling like a mom taking care of children and have a totally different feeling of what I did before or my next day. To say how I liked that I biked to the river at the place Bammelecke to swim and just after seven o’clock I biked twenty-five kilometres back to my work at Weinbergsvolkspark.

Having these switching feelings of joy in another lever is surprisingly fine and enjoyable to feel end meet different kind of people. So, while I arrived at work to join others with a drink and good vibes we ended up at the balcony of Rosengarten, I mean my workplace. So, to spend time there with R and E and Tony my colleague and all the others that were there we ended surprisingly at the Brandenburger-tor to enjoy some sun and a mostly empty street. Even the same day there was a Demonstration here with about one million people, or that’s what they said on the news here.

Wow telling this back brings me on a different level in what I did and how I feel, but I am still influenced bye the night I had the day after. It’s the day that started after a nice sleep till three in the day and with the feeling of rain outside what brings the reason that I didn’t need to go to work. And so, I spend some more time in bed and after I took a nice bath, I got a message from A, yes, another A and an A I met two weeks ago and she was here with me last Thursday. Getting a quartto formaggi pizza and Valpolicella Ripasso wine we enjoyed a romantic evening as a start of everything what happened later. That time that trust comes together in horny feelings to go deeper in playing with each other. Spending this night till the morning and sleep together with allot of cosy feelings I feel good with the vibe I found here with her and I hope we can find more in each other to explore our minds and body. So, to end the morning after a breakfast and driving to my work to end this story I started in GoodMorningMonday.

My life is nice and I really enjoy these kinds of explorations, it is a way u maybe can describe as lucky or maybe I see it as a development what u want to reach with myself and go for it to explore things out of your comfort zone, just to feel if it is something u just need to experience to know its something what u like or maybe not like. Being together with people like this is an exploration I feel I need. And last night and even week this exploration switched around in a very good way. I hope I can find more explorations like this.